Solutions Overview


Simple Waves Innovations provides turn key networking solutions and products enabling customers to set up the IP foundation upon which to run one or many applications that suit their needs. We bring all the components together in order to build high bandwidth, low latency networks.  With a large installed base of customers, Simple Waves Innovations has the experience and proven technology insight to build large-scale, reliable, secure networks.

Public Access / Hot Zones

Citywide, campus-wide, hot zone wireless broadband networks increase quality of life, educational opportunities, and economic development.

Professional Hot Spots

Expose your venue to potential customers who are actively looking for places to come into and log on with their laptop computers, PDAs or other wireless devices.

Wireless PtP / PtMP Links

Connect locations that need to share network resources, overcoming  great distances  with minimal effort and cost.

High Speed Wireless Mobility

Extend IT resources to the field, even into moving vehicles and improve dramatically efficiencies, lower costs and raise user satisfaction.

Industrial Wireless

Often operating in hostile and harsh conditions, industrial site networks are used for a range of activities that improve business operational efficiencies, reduce operating cost, and increase safety.

Surveillance & Security

Video cameras and security sensors can be connected wirelessly delivering a cost-effective alternative while increasing safety and extending the visual reach of the authorities.

Wireless City Utilities

Networked utility meters enable better resource management, monitoring and conservation while lowering operational costs.  Intelligent traffic solutions collect information signals all around the city, correlate the real-time data and can automatically regulate traffic policies across a city.

Network Management

Powerful tools for simplified network management provide interfaces to perform many critical tasks, including performance management, health reporting, configuration management, software updates, giving instant insight to the network administrator.

Bandwidth Aggregation

Increase your bandwidth and uptime by transparently connecting new low-cost Internet links, such as DSL, Cable, 3G Wireless to your existing network.

Simple Waves Innovations has a growing list of Partners that provide best of breed complementary products and services helping us build the complete solutions that meet  our customers needs.